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Ha ha...just read the last question. Haters will be hating. Ask Taylor Swift. Love to see you guys out there tearing up the net with your covers. Question: How do you pick a song to cover? What makes one better for you than another?

Across The Board responded on 03/06/2015

Thanks for your question...this is a good one. A "good" song can be so subjective. We decided as a group what we'd like to play based on our preferences individually and then considering what we can offer the song as a group. We don't want to copy a song--that wouldn't be a true cover--but we want to make it our own. Like the reggae break down in Chandelier, or the MashUp we did of Sam Smith and Tom Petty for this week. We're a democratic group, so if someone really dislikes a song, we won't go there. Most of the time, we all jump up like "Oh ya! I forgot about that song!" and off we go. Thanks for asking!

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